James Ross

I have been raised in a family of hard working white and blue collar parents, which has allowed me to learn the value of not only hard work, but smart work. In 2016, I had the privilege of marrying my childhood sweetheart and I began implementing the lessons of hard work, time prioritization, budgeting, and building meaningful relationships that had been instilled in me. My wife and I were both full time students. She was in the Dental Hygiene program at UofL, and I was in the Mechanical Engineering program at UofL while completing a double associates in Science and Arts. We soon realized that we had to be incredibly disciplined with the 1440 minutes we had everyday. This built a “Make it work” mentality/Motto that we still practice today. But after doing some serious evaluation and praying we were uneasy with the life engineering would force me into. This lead me into a little soul searching of what really mattered and what the impact I wanted to make in my family and community was.

After creating a list of things that I wanted out of life, it was clear I was in the wrong field. I noticed that I was getting more enjoyment out of helping others achieve their goals, rather than achieving what I thought were mine.

I started thinking, “What are some of the largest life goals for people?” Getting married? Having Kids? Making good money? How could I continue to serve people, and help them achieve their goals? Then I realized, Everyone wants to buy a home. After looking into real-estate field, the market seemed too saturated. This lead me to researching the Mortgage industry. Then I realized, that’s what I wanted to do.
I have a drive to help people not only get the home of their dreams, but have the experience people dream about.

I look forward working hard for you and answering any questions you may have!

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