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Loan Process

Is it time to buy?
Time to refinance?
Or time to improve your blemished credit?
We're here to help!

At Smith Broady & Associates...

We keep the mortgage loan process simple so you can focus on more important issues in your life. Choose any of our loan officers – we are here to take care of YOUR needs!

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We Could All Use a Little Pick Me Up!

Rates have been dropping, so let us help you explore the benefits of purchasing a home right now, or refinancing your current investment! Contact us today about purchasing a home or consider these options when refinancing:

  • Changing Your Rate: Refinance at a lower rate to reduce your monthly payments.
  • Taking Cash Out: Access the money in your home and put it toward other investments.
  • Reducing Your Term: Build equity faster and take less time paying off the mortgage.
  • Consolidating Debt: Roll all of your monthly debt into a single low payment.

Let Our SB Family Help Your Family!

At Smith Broady & Associates, we look forward to earning your business and becoming your preferred mortgage company for all of your homes purchases, from starter homes to dream homes Smith Broady & Associates is there for you.