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Preparing Your Home For Sale

It can be a bit overwhelming when you decide to list your home for sale. There are so many things to consider including how to best prepare your home for sale. 

Have no fear we are here to help guide you through the process. 

#1 – Prepare for Home Inspections

Home inspections are a standard part of the buying and selling process. Home inspectors will notify both parties of potential issues & items to repair. To prepare, sellers can take charge and minimize delays by doing the following:

  • Clean out gutters
  • Repaint the exterior if weathered
  • Caulk around windows, doors, and chimney
  • Repair any broken pavers, bricks, or loose railings
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Ensure crawlspace and attic are accessible
  • Inspect plumbing fixtures for any leaks
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs indoors and out


#2 -Provide Pertinent Information to Your Realtor and Title Company

By providing as much information as possible at the early stages of your transaction it will reduce the number of “surprises” that may pop up along the way. Be sure to watch your email constantly, as things can move rather quickly during the sale process. 

  • Current Mortgage Statement for payoff
  • HELOC or Equity Line statement
  • Personal Information (social security number)
  • Homeowners Association contact information (if applicable)
  • LLC or Trust documentation (if applicable)


#3  – Moving Preparations

As the buyer finalizes items and a closing date has been set, it’s time to pack up for the move. One way to alleviate some stress is by hiring movers. We recommend gathering at least three names so that you can compare quotes.


#4 – Leave Essential Documents and Manuals for Buyer

Collect essential documents such as manuals, receipts, and warranties in a folder for the buyer to easily access. Leave them on the kitchen counter for the new owners.


#5 – Collect all Remotes, Keys, and Garage Door Openers

Many buyers will change the locks, but until they can make a trip to the home improvement store, they will need the keys. The buyer will also need any remote controls for ceiling fans and garage doors to get full use of the house. Set these aside in one location so they’re easy to find.

#6 – Clean the House Thoroughly

You’re packed, now it’s time to clean! No one wants to move into a dirty house, yourself included. So, whether you hire a professional cleaner or do it yourself, the buyer will appreciate being able to move right in.

#7 – Notify Change of Address

Be sure to notify friends and family of your upcoming move. You should also fill out a change of address form on the USPS website to ensure your mail is rerouted.

#8 – Inform Utility Companies

Electric, gas, water, cable, and any other utility companies will need to be notified of your move. Unless they are informed, they will keep charging you even after the new owner moves in. We recommend gathering all your utility bills, phone numbers, and websites and then begin canceling all services at once to be more efficient. Many companies will also allow you to do this online and select the last day of service.

Ask for utilities be transferred out of your name, not turned off. The buyer can then have them transferred to them.


#9 – Personal Walk Through

Walk through the home a final time to make sure nothing is left behind. Check closets, drawers, sheds for items. If you’re considering leaving behind any personal property that may be useful to the new owner, just check with the real estate agent. The buyer might not be interested in these “gifts”.

#10 – Cancel Insurance

Once the closing has occurred, contact your insurance provider to cancel your homeowners insurance. There’s no reason to keep paying for insurance that you do not need! However, be sure to wait until ownership has been transferred because until then you will be financially liable for any issues.

#11 – Closing Date

Don’t forget to bring your license or government-issued photo ID. Also, bring house keys, keypad access codes, & garage door openers (don’t forget the one in your car).

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