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How to Prepare for an Appraisal

Appraisals are handled via an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) which means that we have little to no control over the appraiser and the entire process. A rough outline of the appraisal process is noted below:

  • Smith Broady orders the appraisal via the AMC
  • AMC assigns an appraiser to the property
  • Appraiser will reach out to you (the seller) to schedule the appraisal
  • You prepare your home to be appraised – 6 steps below on how to do just that
  • Appraisal takes place
  • Appraisal is uploaded into the AMC’s portal for review
  • Smith Broady receives the appraisal once approved by the AMC

Step #1 – Improve Your Curb Appeal

Mow your lawn – use a sharp lawnmower blade and trim to 3”. Plant flowers strategically – blooming flowers can be a massive asset when it comes to your property aesthetics. Touch up additional outside elements – power wash your siding, walkways, & fences, as well as tidying any patio or deck areas.

Step #2 – Do Some De-cluttering

Bedroom – make sure all clothing has a “home”, a closet or chest. Donate outdated items. Kitchen – Clear clutter off counter tops, place appliances in cabinets. Dishes should be stored away. Touch-up any paint or wallpaper as needed. Living Room – Arrange furniture to make the room look larger, hang a mirror for the illusion of more space Be sure that there is plenty of natural & artificial lighting. Entire House – Do a deep clean, remove clutter & touch-up any paint or wall paper issues.

Step #3 – Create A File Detailing Your Improvements

Compose a detailed list of any improvements that have been made. Include the item, date, & cost associated. Provide receipts or contracts if possible. Examples: Replaced windows, remodeled kitchen or bathroom, installed an in-ground pool or similar items that will remain with the house.

Step #4 – Make Sure Everything Works

Test heating/cooling systems & security systems for functionality. Be sure that windows open/close freely. Kitchen appliances should be clean & in working order. Schedule repairs as needed before the appraisal.

Step #5 – Invest In Small Upgrades

Replace your cabinet/drawer hardware with trendy fixtures. Remodel the ceiling to remove outdated popcorn ceiling. Add a kitchen back splash easily with peel-and-stick tiles! Improve the curb appeal with fresh landscaping. Invest in new appliances, as they should all be the small finish/color.

Step #6 – Last-Minute Preparations

Plan to be home for the appraisal. Children & pets should be elsewhere. Be sure to write down a few key points of the home to share with the appraiser. Do a bit of light cleaning, cool/warm the home to a comfortable temperature, and even light a candle.

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