Home Equity

Put your home's equity to work in Jeffersonville, IN

Indiana, Kentucky & Florida’s #1 Source For Your Cash-Out Refinance Needs

With property values increasing there is a lot of buzz surrounding home equity and what it can do for you. 

Home equity is the difference between what is owed on your home and the current market value. Smith Broady & Associates in Jefffersonville, IN can help you by unlocking your home’s equity via a cash-out refinance. 

A cash-out refinance is a great way to pay for items the pop up in life such as a weddings, emergencies and college tuition … and not place on a credit card where interest rates average 19.49%. Cashing out now can also help to improve your overall wealth by purchasing an additional property, renovations on your current home, or investing! 

Did you know that if you invest $50,000 today with an average rate of return of 7% your money will have grown to more than $137,0000 in 15 years!


Home Renovations

Add an inground pool or new roof

Family Milestones

Pay for your child or grandchild's wedding

Eliminate Debt

Payoff debt, especially high interest credit cards


You should have 3 to 6 months of expenses in your nest egg ... do you

School Tuition

Easily fund private school or secondary education

Grow Wealth

Invest your money to build generational wealth

"Interest on debts grow without rain."

Yiddish Proverb