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One Time Close Loans in Jeffersonville, IN

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One Time Close Loans - 0% Down Payment

Are you wanting to live in a rural (country) area, so that you can have some space, but haven’t found the right home yet? 

Maybe it’s time to find some property and add a new stick built home or a new manufactured home … really create your own oasis.  If you have an address, then we can let you know if the property is eligible!

There is a loan called One-Time Close that will allow you to do just that … close once and with a 0% down payment. Traditionally, this type of homeownership process would require two loans. First a construction loan (typically 3.5% or more for down payment) and then your ongoing mortgage for 10, 15, or 30 years (which usually has a down payment, too).  

This loan can be used on land that you already own or land that you wish to purchase. The land purchase can be “rolled” into the mortgage, typically 5 acres or less is what works best for this one time close loan.  

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"Homes-the very idea of homeownership - evoke strong emotional reaction in all of us."

Spencer Rascoff