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DSCR Loans

Are you a real estate investor who is looking for a unique loan product? Did you wish that you could qualify for a new mortgage based upon the income received from current rental income only?!? Then look no further … you’ve come to the right place! 

DSCR or Debt-Service Coverage Ratio loans enable real estate investors to qualify based on rental income generated rather than personal income. These loans are ideal for self-employed investors, investors with multiple mortgaged rental properties, and investors looking to grow their portfolios rapidly. 

The rental income can be used to qualify for a DSCR loan. There are a couple of other benefits to a DSCR loan, as there can be multiple owner options, property can be titled in an LLC., as well as, interest only options.  

Also, the DSCR loan can be used for the purchase of new rental properties and the refinancing of current rental properties. 

If you aren’t sure if the DSCR loan product is right some you, we do have the option to go conventional or FHA for an investment property.  These loans would be based on your personal income.

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