Your 10-step guide to the mortgage loan process

1. Submit your application.
2. Provide the following items to your Loan officer:
– Last 2 years W-2’s
– Last 2 years Tax Returns (if self-employed)
– Most recent 30 days pay-stubs
– Most recent 2 months bank statements

-Copy of divorce decree, property settlement statement and/or child maintenance agreement (if applicable) – Copy of social security/pension/retirement award letter(s)
– Copy of Drivers license and Social Security Card or Passport
3. Provide your accepted offer of your new dream home to your Loan Officer OR copies of your current mortgage statement, homeowners declarations page and real estate tax bill for your refinance
4. Order a home inspection (only on purchases)
5. Avoid taking on new debt; Quitting or taking on new Job
6. Be responsive to your loan officer / lender
7. Obtain homeowner’s insurance quote / quotes
8. Let the process play out, your loan officer is awaiting on 3rd parties (appraisal, title co. etc.)
9. Review Closing Disclosure from Loan Officer. NOTE:  often the numbers are estimates until your file receives the clear to close (CTC) and your loan office and title company issues final Closing Disclosure (CD)
10. Arrange for your funds to close to be wired or certified from your bank.