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Your 13 Step Guide on How To Buy A Home in Jeffersonville, IN

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Obtaining a home loan or mortgage can seem a bit overwhelming. “Where do I even start” is a question you are likely asking yourself.  Lucky for you we have many Mortgage Loan Officers who are well trained and ready to guide you on the path to homeownership.

We’ve put together the following 13 steps to help guide you through the process.

Everyone’s journey is a bit different, but know that our your team will work tirelessly until those keys are in your hand.

Here is your 13-Step Guide to the Mortgage Loan Process with Smith Broady & Associates.


Submit Your Application

You can get started today with one of our loan officers. Reach out with any questions.


Provide The Following Items To Your Loan Officer

  • Last 2 Years W-2’s
  • Last 2 Years Tax Returns (if self-employed)
  • Most Recent 30 Days Pay-Stubs
  • Most Recent 2 Months Bank Statements
  • Copy of Drivers License and Social Security Card or Passport
  • Copy of Divorce Decree, Property Settlement Statement, and/or Child Maintenance Agreement (if applicable)
  • Copy of Social Security/Pension/Retirement Award Letter(s)


Find A Realtor

The loan estimate will be emailed directly to you from the lender that we’ve selected for you. Be sure to watch your email from this document and others that will be coming our way throughout the mortgage process. 


Find Your Dream Home & Provide Accepted Offer

A great realtor makes all the difference when searching for your dream home! They need to be on your team! If you need help finding a great realtor, then let us know. We work with some of the best in the business and would be happy to make an introduction. 


Acknowledge Loan Estimate (LE)

The loan estimate will be emailed directly to you from the lender that we’ve selected for you. We have 20+ lenders to make sure we have the perfect loan for you. 

Be sure to watch your email for this document and others that will be coming your way thought the mortgage process. 


Order A Home Inspection

This is only needed on purchases. 

It is a great way to understand what might need be replaced in both the short-term and long-term.  

Oftentimes you are able to get the seller(s) to provide a seller concession, which will essentially take more off the price of the home to help you pay for the repairs. 


Don’t spend a lot of money (aka new loans or new credit cards) and if at all possible, don’t quit your job or take on a new job while in the middle of the mortgage loan process.

Many loans require you bring “money to the closing table” and have a couple of months of reserves on hand to pay the mortgage and other essential bills. 



Be Responsive on Additional Documentation

Be responsive to your loan officer / lender and support team. When your loan goes into underwriting, there will be things that we need from you, the more responsive you are, the quicker the process will go.

We may need updated pay stubs, bank statements, and so on. 


Homeowners Insurance

You will need to obtain homeowner’s insurance quote/quotes. This will be needed in order to close.

Typically you can add a homeowner’s insurance to an auto policy and save a money as the products are “bundled”.

We can also provide up to three estimates if you’d like. 


Review Closing Disclosures

Review Closing Disclosure from Loan Officer. NOTE: oftentimes the numbers are estimates until your file receives the clear to close (CTC) and your loan office and title company issues final Closing Disclosure (CD). Read over them carefully to make sure everything is correct. 


Final Walk Through with Realtor

The final walk through allows one last look at the property to ensure that everything is in compliance with the purchase agreement. Typically this happens just a day or two before closing. 


Closing Time | Arrange Funds Transfer & Sign Paperwork

The last step is signing the final paperwork and arranging for your funds to close to be wired or certified from your bank. Contact your bank to find out what their process is in advance.


Key Time

The time has final come for the keys to be dropped in your hand! 

Congratulations and cheers to many, many happy years in your new home. 

"Home Ownership Is The Cornerstone of a Strong Community"

Rick Renzi