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Smith Broady & Associates Provides Learning Opportunities in Jeffersonville, IN

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Smith Broady and Associates was founded in 2008 during the housing crash. There were thousands of mortgage brokers at the beginning of 2008, but many companies were forced to close their doors for one reason or another .. but Smith Broady and Associates prevailed. 

Our ongoing commitment to continue to learn and grow in this ever changing industry has allowed us to remain a staple in the mortgage broker community in Southern Indiana.  Our office is in Jeffersonville, but we are able to provide home mortgage financing in all of Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida. 

We love giving back to both realtors and home buyers by hosting lunch and learns and other seminars. 

Below is a listing of our current events. If you’d like to schedule an event with us, then please reach out to Info@smithbroady.com.

Beyond the Basics ... Discovering Unique Loans

Realtor Event - Friday, September 30, 2022 @ 11:45 am

This is an opportunity for realtors to learn about many nuanced loans types, which can help people to buy the homes of their dreams … from renovation loans to bank statement loans and everything in between. 

Home Buyer Seminar

Home Buyer Event - Saturday, October 8, 2022 @ 2 pm

This event is perfect for anyone looking to buy a first home, second home, vacation home, or helping someone else to by a home. It’s being hosted by Tim Handley of Smith Broady & Associates and Jennifer Burke of United Real Estate Louisville. There will also be a home inspector, title company, credit repair company and more on hand to help you!

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