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Lexie Blackwell - Mortgage Loan Orginator in Jeffersonville, IN

Lexie Blackwell - Staff at Smith Broady & Associates
I am a newly licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and eager to enter this industry at full steam! I have spent the last five years as a Human Resources professional where I gained knowledge and experience providing excellent customer service, working with all types of individuals and being extremely efficient in my day to day work. In addition to my having met all requirements to become a Nationally recognized Mortgage Loan Originator (Federal Background check, credit check/financial stability, fingerprint/criminal record) I have a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration from Indiana University and a Masters of Business Administration from Sullivan University. My education and prior employment have provided me with the background I need to perform my duties with a high level of professionalism and integrity. It also allowed me to build the work ethic required to be a loan officer that is attentive to your financing needs. I am so grateful for this opportunity at Smith Broady & Associates and I look forward to making lasting relationships with our clients!


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